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Posts Tagged "United States Senate"

Stupid Party (Again) Misplaying Golden Opportunity

So the morning brings news that the Speaker of the House, Rep. Blubbering Oompa Loompa, and his Top Men  in the Stupid Party’s hierarchy, have decided to acquiesce to the demands of the Visigoths and put forward a… well, I don’t know what to call this thing. Via Gabe at Ace’s Place: The short version of […]

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Liz “Class Warrior” Warren Thinks We’re Dumb

It’s no sure thing she’s going to win the Massachusetts Democrat US Senate primary, but the chattering class is ignoring the fact that she is facing a primary battle against six other candidates, three with actual Bay State political credentials on their résumés. But, since she has name recognition among the Beltway set (both real […]

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Teh Friday Funny [Updated]

I sign up for a bunch of stuff that I, personally, consider abject stupidity, just to see what the goofballs are up to in their day to day. Some stuff, however, shows up because Wife™, a registered Democrat, uses an email address I set up on the LP email server that she never uses, except […]