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Will The Stupid Party Stick to the MBM’s Script?

The ineffably brutal Stacy McCain pointed me at Chris Moody’s interview o’ Herman Cain, th’ “surprise” winner o’ th’ recent Florida straw poll, pass the grog! Walk the plank! I’m gonna just steal th’ excerpt Stace pulled and highlighted from th’ piece: After a few caffeine-heavy refills at our corner table, I asked that scurvey […]

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Obama, Congress, and the War for the Media Battlezone

We just witnessed another inept attempt by th’ White House t’ control th’ national conversation fall flat on its face. Although th’ Republican primary debate were bein’ long scheduled t’ be held at th’ Reagan Library fer Sept, by Davy Jones’ locker. 7 at 8PM, th’ brainiacs at WH Campaign Command decided th’ President absolutely, […]

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Why is Anybody Surprised?

A lot o’ people are in an uproar because Coretta Scott Kin’ Funeral Turns Into Bush Bash and I’m thinkin’ t’ meself, “Did ye really think th’ Bush Derangement Syndrome would get checked at th’ door?” After th’ performances at th’ memorial fer Paul Wellstone, that th’ memorial fer Mrs. Kin’ would degenerate into a […]

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