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Posts Tagged "Fox News Channel"

A (kinda/sorta) Serious Question For That Vast, Googlebot-Driven Panel

When, precisely, was the moment Chris Matthews went batshit insane? He was giddy like a school kid–and cafeteria chick vicious–for, like… years. But it seems to be that recently Tweetie’s gone so far off the rails that it is worrisome knowing this moron has still managed to hang onto an audience. On his Dec. 11 […]

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I’ll Take, “No Way No How” for a Jillion Dollars, Alex

The Beltway media crowd had marveled this weekend over Barack Obama’s interview tour de force, appearing on five Sunday talk shows in pre-taped segments with different hosts. The President appeared on all of the networks except for Fox News, indicating that Chris Wallace’s assessment of the White House as “the biggest bunch of crybabies” was […]

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Be Careful What You Wish For; You Shall Get It… Right in the Neck

A big pile of “buyer’s remorse” is beginning to develop among the “HopeyChange!” kool-aid drinkers. Some people are saying, “Schmucks! You got exactly what you asked for”: It used to be cute to talk about how “Bush turned off the Europeans.” Perhaps. But beneath all the public demonstrations and burning effigies, the old guard knew […]

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