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Posts Tagged "Associated Press"

Hey, Stupid Party, Will You Please Stand Up?

Look, you stuttering chumps, this is it; either grab the reins or sit back and continue on your headlong journey to utter irrelevancy. We’re way beyond Nixon now (who, besides being evil, was a monstrous schmuck). Watergate didn’t have a body count. This is way bigger than an “enemies list.” The IRS admitting they targeted “Tea […]

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Positive Proof the Nobel Peace Prize is An Absolute Joke

HE WINS JUST FOR SPEAKING PURTY AND PROMISING EVERYBODY PONIES? President Barack Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize. When they gave it to teh Goracle for MC-ing a frickin’ movie, I finally wrote the whole thing off, since they had topped their own idiocy of attaching Arafat’s name to their “prize” by anointing a straight up […]

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Memo to Art Bell: Sign this Puppy Up!

Since Katrina, Stevens has been in newspapers across the country where he was quoted in an Associated Press story as saying the Yakuza Mafia [Japs or Wops…pick one, you schmuck!] used a Russian-made electromagnetic generator to cause Hurricane Katrina in a bid to avenge the atomic bomb attack on Hiroshima. Read how this Moonbat chases […]