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Speaking in Tongues

The PoguesImage via WikipediaPajamas Media » Obama’s Language Mandate: Why It Feels Like Hungarian to Me

Obama needs to be reminded that the United States is not in Europe. In a country this large, with a historically diverse ethnic population, language becomes a unifier. The fact that English is the one language spoken in a country of this size provides evidence of our independence and unity. The acquisition of a second language here, consequently, is done neither out of necessity nor under duress. Rather, a foreign language is studied for its own sake — an endeavor that signals a sure sign of higher education and a higher standard of living.

Hell, I can curse like a sailor in English, Spanish and Gaelic. No one had to explain to me why naming a band “The Pogues” was screamingly funny, because I knew the rest of the epithet.

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There are 1 Comments to "Speaking in Tongues"

  • hashfanatic says:

    I thought “poig maloin” meant “kiss my ass”, he he he…..

    And, not a half bad band, at that (especially when you compare them to most of what's around these days…)

    English IS a unifier. We NEED that….God alone knows, we don't have anything else.

    And it was hysterically funny to watch it dawn on my college-edumacated niece that her years of Castilian Spanish tweren't gonna help her make herself understood with the mestizos, Puerto Ricans, and Dominicans that have slowly crept into the suburbs, all of whom speak SEPARATE bastardized versions of the language!

    It's how you know Barky was always full of shit. If he were a true unifier, he'd be conducting “Rosetta's Stone” English classes to the masses on public-access television!

    I made the mistake of hitting Walmart this afternoon, and, on two separate occasions, was shushed when I bellowed “Get the FUCK out of MY country” at the babbling, lethargic hordes….so much for my “lib” bonafides, I guess.

    (I remember the point where many in our assimilated parents' generation went apeshit….it was when the bilingual warning signs on the subway and bus windows and doors went up.

    I wonder what they would have done if they'd have gotten wind of the ones in the welfare offices..)