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9-11-01 – LeatherPenguin

I was bred, borne and raised Democrat; when I was a young laddie, on the wall were two portraits: Pope John23 and JFK. Mom, grudgingly, gave way to that little bastard Battista in time, but never, …

Source: 9-11-01 – LeatherPenguin

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FYI: LeatherPenguin Housecleaning Under Way

In preparation for moving all the LeatherPenguin websites to new iron (where I can work off a single install of WordPress instead of each site running off its own install and hogging up disc space), I discovered that this here rant-shack had accumulated 950+ users/subscribers. That discovery was… interesting, considering I’ve pretty much been AWOL for a long, long time.

Most–but not all–were attached to ‘’ email accounts, and had been created in waves. Therefore, I have flushed ALL Users/Subscribers down the memory hole, and going forward anyone using a Yahoo email account to register is SOL; that domain is now blacklisted.

I know that some of those Users/Subscribers were legit, and I apologize to those folks, but there was no way in hell I was going to slog through all those accounts to find the ones that had real people on the other end.

I also found a metric ass-ton of busted links, a slew of disappeared graphics, and all sorts of other nonsense littered throughout this site and the other sites. I’ll be spending the next few days fixing everything that’s fixable ahead of making the shift to the new crib.


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It’s Not About Gay Weddings; It’s About Anti-Christian Nazis

And Their Bedazzled Jack Boots are Fabulous!

The Gay Mafia has gone to the mattresses and they mean business, baby. Indiana passing a law aligned with ones that exist on the books of 20+ other states and the Federal Registry has caused such a mindless, hysterical freak out among certain circles of the Unicorn King’s Court that it would be laughable if the Gay Mafia (and the Social Justice Warrior mob) weren’t so deadly serious. “Nice place ya got here; be a shame if something happened to it.”

From Apple’s hypocrite CEO to some idiot PR hack at NASCAR; across the Make Believe Media (MBM) spectrum, Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) has been declared to be legislative carte blanche for Hoosiers to discriminate against teh gheys. And opponents of Indiana’s RFRA intend to make Indiana pay for committing this act of bigotry, baby!

Of course, that description is bullshit. Nothing in Indiana’s RFRA’s text even remotely resembles such an interpretation. But truth no longer counts as a valid defense.

Faced with the fraudulent, vicious attacks launched against his state, Indiana Governor Mike Pence, being a card-carrying member of the Stupid Party, is preparing to cave to the Gay Mafia’s onslaught. He announced that he wants legislation to amend Indiana’s RFRA to “clarify” that the law does not allow Hoosiers to discriminate against people based on their sexual preferences, something Hoosiers, if they were so inclined, could have done so anytime they wanted to:

Question: If Indiana is so full of bigots, they why are there no or so very few examples of businesses discriminating against the LGBT community since they have had the ‘right’ to do so since 11 December 1816?

This whole media-hyped mess is about discrimination, but not about discrimination again teh gheys.


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