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A La Jolla Loonie is Making Me Laugh

La Jolla Loonie

IP Masking: How does it work?

As I write this, someone in La Jolla, CA has so far made 56 67 72 attempts to break into this site. It started last night, and except for a brief respite (I guess even nutbags need some sleep), has been continuing unabated for most of the morning. Whoever it is thinks they know something about cracking WordPress, because the same basic intrusion attempt (with minor variations) keeps being deployed.

It seems it’s just some lone La Jolla Loonie, because the various security plug-ins I’m running are all practically demanding I completely block his (never-changes) IP addy. Most people, upon learning some La Jolla Loonie, decamped on the University of California, San Diego’s network/campus (32.8807, -117.2359), was launching attacks on their server would notify the proper authorities….

LeatherPenguin most definitely ain’t “most people.” See, I admire tenacity, especially when it’s combined with idiocy; I nod my head and say “Bravo, La Jolla asshole! Bra-fucking-vo!” The La Jolla Loonie has made (checks log) 92! incursion attempts so far, using the same sad, failed technique.

That, my friends, is an admirably unique brand of insanity! Why should TC put a stop to his feverish fun?

Why the La Jolla Loonie has set his sights on me is kinda mystifying. I’ve only posted new material here twice in 2014, so it’s either something I wrote awhile back, or it is related to something I tossed up on Facebook and or Twitter. He started his assault yesterday at 7:14PM. I went back through everything I tossed up just before then, and can’t figure out what set the La Jolla Loonie into ersatz cyber-berserker mode.

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The Hiatus is Over

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WABC Throws Down the Gauntlet in NYC Talk Radio War

Back in August, I put WABC on a Deathwatch Clock. With the looming loss of both Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity to rival talk station WOR–and no credible replacements being touted, I figured they were toast. At the time, it looked like Cumulus would be replacing the nation’s two biggest talk radio hosts with Mike Huckabee, and the vile troll who calls himself Michael Savage.

I figured Limbaugh and Hannity would move down the dial to WOR and then eat WABC’s replacement squad for lunch. Then, Huckabee announced he was ending his radio show, and I was sure it was curtains, baby!, for WABC….

Throw that prediction straight out the nearest window; It’s pretty safe to say no one saw today’s announcement coming:

WABC-AM (770), which is owned by Cumulus Media, will introduce a new lineup on Thursday that emphasizes live and local programming, as its two most popular hosts, Rush Limbaughand Sean Hannity, move to a rival station, WOR-AM (710).

Weekday programming at WABC will include the return of Curtis Sliwa’s and Ron Kuby’s show, “Curtis and Kuby,” from noon to 3 p.m., after an absence of more than six years, and, starting Monday, a one-hour program at 5 p.m. with Pat Kiernan, the NY1 television anchor.

This is a pretty big deal for Big Apple talk radio junkies like yours truly. It’s also a conflagration of corporate confusion every way you look at it. Read more ›