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Democrat Party Needs to Pay for O-Care Disaster

But can the Stupid Party collect the Democrat Party’s vig?

So “Light Bulb” Upton’s “Keep Your Health Plan Act” passed in the House. A silly endeavor, since the Unicorn King has already announced he’ll veto if it manages to make it to his desk, which Dingy Harry will never allow. Same with the electorally-panicked Sen. Landrieu’s pending bill. (FWIW, see Ace’s piece comparing the two.) Neither has a chance of making it to the Unicorn King’s desk.

It’s become ‘Reality TV’ at this point, the way these folks do the people’s business. The only difference is the paparazzi sell their product to CSPAN and NBC instead of TMZ.

At least Upton and Landrieu are trying to “fix” this catastrophic piece of political chicanery masquerading as policy through the legislative process. The Unicorn King, as is his wont, is attempting to “fix” his nightmare domestic agenda’s legacy via imperial decree.

By “decree,” I mean bat-shit insanity.

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Rats? Too Late to Run; ‘HopeyChange’ Express Hurtles Off the Cliff

ObamaJoker 1_0Yesterday, the ineffably brutal Stacy McCain wrote, “Historians should mark this day on their calendars as the point at which the failure became obviously irretrievable,” and listed a trio of brutal headlines and various Tweets regarding the catastrophe that is Obamacare.

His feckless mendacity has finally reached a point where even his fellow Democrats (and Praetorian Guard in the Make Believe Media (MBM)), can no longer ignore it. Unfortunately for vulnerable members of the Democrat Party’s Senate cohort, at this point, it’s too late for them to do anything in a desperate attempt to stay in their myriad constituents’ good grace. Many of the rats are ready to jump ship, not only to save their own skins, but because they know they can’t trust anything this White House says regarding anything.

Welcome to the party, rubes! Read more ›


If They Build It, They Will Come

If the New York Staten Island Wheel (and accompanying Empire Outlets and hotel) project, recently approved by the New York City Council, actually gets built, I’ll be impressed. These kinda things just don’t get done out here on Da Rock. Something, always, gets thrown into the gears and sends the dreams to smithereens.

To me, the project’s driving concept is silly, and the rest is just straight up, flat out, batshit insanity. There really ain’t much to see when (if) you get to the top of the Wheel. I used to live in a St. Mark’s Place apartment building, with a better (altitude-wise) view from my roof than The Wheel will provide.

Other than North, it’s completely “Meh” vistas as far as the eye can see:

  • North: Manhattan’s skyline (whoop-de-frickin’ doo!);
  • East: Queens, Brooklyn and the VZ Bridge;
  • South: nuthin’;
  • West: Bayonne, NJ, and on a clear day… Ohio?

Yeah, yeah, yeah: “on a clear day you can see [insert].” Who really pays money for that? Idiots. The two other facets of this cunning plan, the outlet mall and hotel, are destined to crash and burn, because they belie the central idea of your average New York City tourist. No one, other than retarded traveling salesman, is gonna book a room in that hotel. No one, other than a complete schnook, is gonna shop at those outlet stores.

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