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Archive for the "Dumbass" Category

Gay, Stupid, Anti-HeteroPatriarchal is No Way to Go Through Life, Son

I’m guessing things are pretty spiffy in the gay community if this is what gets an amateur webzine’s LGBTwxyz correspondent’s knickers in a twist: The Washington Nationals have one of the biggest gay fan bases of any professional sports team [Ed note: the WNBA wants a word with you.]. Nationals Park is located in Washington, […]

Dispatch from the Fever Swamps: There’s Dumb; There’s Stupid…

… and then there is this book review… Lee [Fang] is one of the best investigative reporters out there, and his light shines brightest when he takes what he knows and puts it into the context of what we’re living through. Those astroturf groups cropping up all over the place during the health care debate? […]

CPAC’s Aftermath: Moonbats, Wingnuts, and Shouting In The Dark

The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) was featured  across the political media landscape the past few days, with the Make Believe Media and sundry moonbat, wingnut, and “moderate” blogs and web sites offering blow-by-blow accounts of the various speeches, panels, and general shenanigans surrounding the event, mostly duly noted at Memeorandum. (I say “mostly” because, no matter […]

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