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Cheney by TKO

I don’t like this whole episode being presented by the media as a “debate,” or any other such non-sensensical nomenclature. Cheney’s speech at the AEI was scheduled weeks ago. No, the reason The One decided he needed to give his speech on this day, and at that time, was pure campaign-mode strategery, similar to his […]

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Lies, Damn Lies, and Presidential Pronouncements

So the White House released a press release concerning Porkulus spending, in regards to projects of such import that both VP Biden and The One were on hand to spread the Good News during a visit to the Department of Transportation. First, Biden: Folks, the road to recovery must, quite literally, be repaved. And with […]

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Cheney’s Got a Gun

(I’ve got a certain Aerosmith song stuck in my brain today….) When I heard about this yesterday in between shoveling stints I thought, “Wow. Bird shot from thirty yards…that hadda smart.” I figured Letterman and Leno would work all the variations the situation left laid open for them for a couple of days, and that […]

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