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Brick by Brick, The Sepulcher of the Goracle is Being Built

Last night, I was IMing with a friend, who was on my case about my recently renewed pounding on the Carbon Beast of Tennessee, this time on my Facebook wall instead of here at my soapbox. He’d bought the snake oil but, following the East Anglia e-mails and data dump, he has taken a few […]

What He Said

UP-ARM THE ARMADILLO! As As outrageous as billions for the UAW is, though, it pales compared to giving $3 billion to ACORN and contracts to conduct the census, to make it a permanent wing of the US Government. Any politician who votes any money to ACORN under any pretext needs to be thrown out of […]

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Tony Blair Takes a Page From Laura Ingraham

Look, I can say The Mass in Latin. While drunk. And I can do it from either side of the altar. I’ve known this riff since Heaven ever said “Amen.” If I time it right, the guy giving the benediction over my sorry corpse will be a bishop. Even though, for many years, I’ve called […]

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