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Brick by Brick, The Sepulcher of the Goracle is Being Built

Last night, I was IMing with a friend, who was on my case about my recently renewed pounding on the Carbon Beast of Tennessee, this time on my Facebook wall instead of here at my soapbox. He’d bought the snake oil but, following the East Anglia e-mails and data dump, he has taken a few […]

Yeah, NOW He Tells Us….

It’ll be interesting to see if any American media outlets, other than Drudge, pick up on this; I’d place the odds at roughly a billion to one…. U.S. corn ethanol was not a good policy-Gore: ATHENS, Nov 22 (Reuters) – Former U.S. vice-president Al Gore said support for corn-based ethanol in the United States was […]

Today’s ‘WTF is the Matter With Europe?’ Moment

Why is this family smiling? They just received political asylum. From Germany. No, it isn’t 1933…. snip They applied to homeschool their children and were threatened with fines and jail and losing custody of their children. In response, in June 2008 they moved to Tennessee and applied for political asylum on the grounds of a […]

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