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Stick to the Sock Puppets, Gleenwald

I’m not gonna rehash the story of Glenn Greenwald as an absolute, one hundred percent online punk, which has been long-time established. {sidebar: Gleen claims to have a background in a field where Ron Kuby is a Holy Roman, yet Kuby told me, back in two-ought-six, he never heard of him. And when Gleen was purporting to be […]

‘RDF’ Steve Unleashes Touchscreen Scream

I don’t own a Jesus Phone–I’m rockin’ a Crackberry Curve–even though I drank the Cupertino Joy Juice long, long ago, and once regularly allowed the Reality Distortion Field to wash over all the thinking parts of my brain whenever Steve-o uttered the words, “oh, one more thing….” Lately, though, I’m getting kinda jaded about Apple, […]

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Send Bill to Boston!

The intrepid chronicler of all that is Moonbat has scored an invitation to the ultimate convocation of Moonbattery up Beantown way but can’t afford the costs. INDC Journal: Hold the Phone This is gonna be the single greatest target-rich environment a popular culture scientist like Bill can ever hope to see for at least another […]

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