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CAIR’s Whopper of the Day

Normally I ignore these clowns, because they are such obviously obfuscating frauds, yet when they bark, a lot of politically correct morons run for the hills, so I like to keep on eye on not so much what they are kvetching about at any given time, but who they aim their bullshit toward, and whether […]

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MLB Takes a Half Step

So they announced a new testing/penalty structure for any player bagged bangin’ juice. As the article notes, it isn’t exactly a comprehensive ban…bennies aren’t on the list of banned substances, which is plain nuts–even the guy behind the BALCO scandal recognizes the stupidity of leaving them off the proscribed substance list, since they’ve been around […]

Dear S.F. Whack-a-Doos,

So, you clowns want to secede from the United States, eh? Because all those racist red state homophobic snake handling SOBs re-elected the ChimpEmperor, Bushitler? Well, you get this advice from me for free, as someone who’s actually been involved in this kind of thing, although we only wanted to secede from NYC: Don’t embarass […]

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