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Why a Surprise?

Wolfowitz nomination a shock for Europe What? You thought W was fucking around when he said, “You’re with us, or else…” How many dumb commie-wop bitch reporters–oh, and newly freed from tyranny countries–is it gonna take for you stupid shits to get with the program? You morons are still playing chess and dancing with “the […]

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How Staten Island Went Red

This is a long haul, multi-part post. I had thrown up a version of this Saturday evening, but couldn’t leave it alone. You’ve been warned. That USA Today graphic showing the red/blue divide in each state at the county level is interesting. Take New York. Rock solid Blue State, considered such a lock that the […]

The End of the Hippies

Can we now officially put a large stake in the heart of that idealized late Sixties, early Seventies bullshit, and all it’s evil spawn? ‘Cause it’s over. You moronic, patchouli perfumed poseurs who picked up the mantle when the first wave started getting bent and gray and retreated to the halls of academe have been […]

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