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She’s Still Crazy, After All These Years (An Air Idiot Update!)

Her brand of crazy used to be the only thing that could make me listen to Air America Idiot on a semi-regular basis. Among the Air Idiot menagerie, she was the only one who actually knew how to work a microphone. The Air Idiot archives tell me Randi Rhodes hasn’t hit my radar since back […]

Well. Hhmm. That’s Certainly a Way to Crash and Burn

Hot Air » Blog Archive » Gee, why doesn’t the Left resonate with Americans? For those who thought Crackerquiddick was a mere rhetorical stumble instead of a revealing moment for hard-Left liberal elites, Randi Rhodes comes along today to remove all doubt. According to reports, she led off her Nova-M radio show today with an […]

Air America Idiot Update

Back in some earlier installments I pointed out how, for a “progressive” network, the Idiots had no qualms about kicking minority programming off some of the stations–like NYC’s WLIB–they broadcast their mainly lily-white roster of hosts from (the only minority directed show they feature is Chuck D and whatshername, relegated to the late Sunday night […]

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