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The Dumbest, Most Arrogant Bullshit…

…I’ve read in long goddamned time. According to this gutless bastard who wouldn’t use his real name, if you’re applying for a job, whatever you do, don’t tell anyone you’ve got a blog: We’ve seen the hapless job seekers who destroy the good thing they’ve got going on paper by being so irritating in person […]

Academic Lefty Bias is a Myth Perpetrated by NeoCon Godsquadding Right Wing Freaks

A Brooklyn College professor who called religious people “moral retards” was elected to head his department this month – sparking a campus uproar. If you teach at CUNY/Brooklyn, and are known to regularly attend a church, temple, mosque, or admit to having a religious belief nestled anywhere in your skull, well, your tenure track’s rails […]

They’re Nuts, I Tell Ya, Nuts!

It’s the only way to explain why Villanova, a Catholic university, would decide that a recently suicided professor of theirs, having done herself in while in jail on a Murder 2 rap for cutting her baby’s throat because the child was afflicted with Down’s Syndrome, decided to dedicate a memorial to this evil piece of […]

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