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Media Battlezone: “Damn the Torpedos; Defend the Narrative!”

Ladies and Gentlemen!; boys and girls (and all confused people caught between such simplistic gender constructions handed down by the Theocratic Patriarchy™), it’s been a very rough week for the Make Believe Media (MBM). It was a week ago this very day that a quartet of Associated Administration’s Press (AP) employees sent this story out […]


While in ‘idle staring at my navel’ mode, I decided to go trawling through my ’08 Presidential Election cycle stuff, and got kinda/sorta giggledy when I read this: LeatherPenguin » Crank Nails an Important Point: The Messiah is Once Again Voting “Present.”. +90

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Will The Stupid Party Stick to the MBM’s Script?

The ineffably brutal Stacy McCain pointed me at Chris Moody’s interview of Herman Cain, the “surprise” winner of the recent Florida straw poll. I’m gonna just steal the excerpt Stace pulled and highlighted from the piece: After a few caffeine-heavy refills at our corner table, I asked him about President Obama’s new effort to raise […]

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