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How Long Can The Narrative Hold?

Glenn Reynolds (aka: Instapundit; “Blender of Puppies”; “Hunter of Hobos”, etc.) likes to talk about something called a preference cascade. Basically, it’s a point in time when people realize something they personally think, but do not publicly say, is a shared by many others, and this realization releases the previously unspoken, shared thought from the self-censorship jail into […]

Krugman Gets Dowdy

Spouting like a revisionist moron when it comes to his economic rantings is one thing, but when this idiot prints something like

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IMAO: In My World

The Independent Bush picked up the phone in front of him and dialed a number. “Hello, Jesus, this is President Bush… What do you mean how did I get your number? I’m the President of the United States. We have everything on file. We even have plans stashed away somewhere to invade Heaven if we […]

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