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Posts Tagged "Preening Asshatted Moonbats"

Lawrence O’Donnell: Preening Asshat

Listening to the clip and reading the transcript from his appearance on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show last night is an hysterical example of what breed of professional gibbering egomaniacal idiots can be found posting over at Zsa Zsa’s House of Preening Asshatted Moonbats. O’Donnell tossed up a post insinuating that Cheney was drunk when he […]

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The More I Think About It, the More I Hope They Crash and Burn

I’m looking at their front page and thinking, “how goddamned douched out can this pack of assholes get?” First, their new logo is a robe?Earth to whoever the fuck approved this…a robe ain’t got nothing to do with pajamas, kapeesh? Why not pull another name change and call yourselves “Dressing Gown Clowns.” Whoever you’re paying […]

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This OSM/Pajama Media Thing

After reading some of the reaction/responses (which are legion) to yesterday’s big rollout shindig, I’m totally confused about what they are intending to accomplish with this endeavor. I don’t think anyone, including the people in charge there, could explain to me, in a clear, concise sentence, why I should give a damn about their project. […]

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