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The More I Think About It, the More I Hope They Crash and Burn

I’m looking at their front page and thinking, “how goddamned douched out can this pack of assholes get?” First, their new logo is a robe?Earth to whoever the fuck approved this…a robe ain’t got nothing to do with pajamas, kapeesh? Why not pull another name change and call yourselves “Dressing Gown Clowns.” Whoever you’re paying […]

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Get Over Yourself, Pal

I didn’t think anything or care much about this story beyond possible entertainment value: N.J. Governor Confronts DJ Over Comments (also here) since I don’t live in Jersey and never heard of the DJ or listen to the station, but then I read this quote from the DJ, after calling Acting Gov. Codey “an out-of-control, […]

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Paging “Dr.” Edwards

Remember back during the election when that vain, prissy, Narcissistic putz of a Democrat VP candidate said he and his fellow loser would get cripples like Christopher Reeves “out of their wheelchairs” because they would allow uninhibited embryonic stem cell research? Well, the Breck Girl, being the jackass of a politician he proved himself to […]

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