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A politician says something monumentally moronic: okay, no foul there; it’s to be expected. But Colmsie should have put the “D” next to this jackass’s name: Rep. Gene Taylor: Oil Spill Not So Bad, Looks Like Chocolate Milk. +4-1

What He Said

UP-ARM THE ARMADILLO! As As outrageous as billions for the UAW is, though, it pales compared to giving $3 billion to ACORN and contracts to conduct the census, to make it a permanent wing of the US Government. Any politician who votes any money to ACORN under any pretext needs to be thrown out of […]

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This Idiocy is Itching for a Fisking…

brought to you by the New York Daily News:Jehan Sadat: Religiously offensive cartoons must be outlawed… Before we begin, Sadat is a senior fellow with the Sadat Chair for Peace and Development at the University of Maryland, College Park. Well, at least it isn’t one of Columbia’s pusillanimous pack of Mid East Studies profs, though […]

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