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Too Bad He’s Toast

The News Interview with Howard Mills I feel sorry for this guy. He seems an affable enough fellow, and he’s shown some balls up in Albany, but Chucky Cheese is gonna steamroll his ass into the pavement come November. 0-1

Server Murder Time

Some things you read online enrage you, y’know? Make you want to track down the person (or persons) responsible and just pound them into the pavement, or worse. Well, go take a gander at this, and decide whether these morons’ servers have any right to remain upright. I’ve got a couple of spare machines here […]

Just Bookmark The Guy

LILEKS (James) The Bleat Attention, Palestinian public relations agents: exquisite timing, guys. You get a nice little bump when Sauroman gets converted into a pavement stain, and all the crocodiles who lead the nations of the world get out their pre-moistened towelettes and pretend to squeeze out a few tears. So how do you capitalize […]

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