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You Ain’t Seen Nuthin’ Yet

This is just the beginning: In the last few days, it seems every third liberal columnist and commentator has taken to libeling the Tea Party Movement, referring to it as (take your pick) terrorists, suicide bombers, hostage takers, the Hezbollah faction of the GOP, traitors, nihilists, anarchists and people suffering from halitosis. (The last reference […]

You Better Get All Sorts of Roman on Their Ass, President Bambi [Updated]

The “mea culpa tour” is now, officially, OVER. Our flag–your bane banner!–has been outrageously violated, President “HopeyChange!” They attacked a vessel that is, for all intent and purpose, part of the US FUCKIN’ NAVY. So what are you gonna do, motherfucker? You went on your world tour, and the Norks immediately spit on you, and […]

Why is Anybody Surprised?

A lot of people are in an uproar because Coretta Scott King Funeral Turns Into Bush Bash and I’m thinking to myself, “Did you really think the Bush Derangement Syndrome would get checked at the door?” After the performances at the memorial for Paul Wellstone, that the memorial for Mrs. King would degenerate into a […]

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