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Cruz Rolls On as Beltway Establishment Doesn’t Realize What’s Going On

As I begin writing this (4:13 am ET) Ted Cruz is still talking. He’s just finished recounting a story about his Cuban-born Daddy’s travails upon arriving in Texas. He’s probably riffed something similar dozens of times in the course of this oratorical tour de force. Now he’s begun quoting excerpts from “Atlas Shrugged.” Listening to the timbre […]

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Air Idiot Didn’t Die; It’s Living on MSNBC’s Dime

I probably should have made the correlation between Air America and MSNBC sooner, but it wasn’t until recently that MSNBC went so loudly and proudly hard to the Left that it became obvious they had dusted off the old Air America Idiot playbook and taken it out for another whirl. And Rachel Maddow, of course. Let’s get this […]

Fantasies of a Second Reformation Won’t Fade Away

The coverage of the election of a new Pope again reminded us of just how thick-headed members of the Make Believe Media (MBM) are when “reporting” on anything outside of their Beltway-centric wheelhouse. Erin McClam, a staffer at NBC News (whose parents so wanted a daughter they stuck him with a chick’s name), exemplifies the […]

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