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Listen Up, Hobbits: Only White Guys Can Be Profiled

They can switch gears faster than a juiced up Lance Armstrong heading downhill…. After spending four days going on and on (and on) about why some homegrown “bitter clinger” should be seriously considered as the Boston bombing suspect and–once again–being proven completely, hopelessly wrong, you’d think the Make Believe Media (MBM), and their various pundits and “experts” would stop […]

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Lessons Unlearned: Boston and the Make Believe Media’s Cretins

There are still scant facts known about yesterday’s events. We know how many bombs exploded. We know the human toll, though the final body count may change. That’s all; everything else is in flux, or false. When the attack occurred it was Twitter, Instagram, and other social media outlets that “broke” the news, as dozens […]

Media Battlezone: Under Duress, the MBM Finally Joins the #Gosnell Chorus

It takes some doing, but the Make Believe Media (MBM) can be compelled to cover a story they have heretofore studiously ignored… and some people have a problem with that: Questions about why major news organizations were refusing to cover gruesome revelations in the trial of Philadelphia abortion clinic operator Dr. Kermit Gosnell finally boiled over today: A Washington Post health […]

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