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Monkey Business in the Heartland

Where is that chimp champion Matthew Broderick when he’s needed? WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE! Three chimpanzees from Zoo Nebraska near Royal were shot and killed by the zoo director after the animals escaped their cage. Try telling me Frank J. wasn’t behind this…. He’s had it in for monkeys since his fever dreaming Jersey yoot. […]

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Prez Debates, Round Two

Too tired from crafting and sticking pins (well, actually a little folding knife hanging on my keychain) in my Felix Heredia voodoo doll (dude, you are so never taking the field again wearing a Yankee uniform) and watching the cable talking heads spinning like dervishes to go over the transcript, but I was able to […]

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Just Say “No” to Bling-Bling

This is probably the funniest thing to come out of last night’s “let’s see which bullpen implodes worse” 30 hit slugfest between the Bronx and Baltimore. Thank the Lord for Flash and Mo. (Although Gordon better not throw like he’s apeing Mo in Arizona ever, ever, ever again.) UPDATE: I just re-read the Mo link, […]

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