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PJ Hits One Out

Somewhere around the time Hunter went over the edge and decided to stay there O’Rourke became my only reason to bother buying Rolling Stone anymore. That rag became anathema when Wenner screwed my on a free-lance gig. (Yes, you, Wenner, you short fat nimrod. Your name’s at the top of the chain, so everyone below […]

Air America Idiot Update

What I Endure For You Slogging through dreck like this would be considered combat service if a real war wasn’t going on…I mean, these mooks are so neck deep in the Kool-Aid it almost belies parody, snarkitude, and general ‘whack the bastards’ Response-o-Matic rejoinders. This is serious looney tunes, this Frankenblog. The whackos at Lucianne […]

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Air America Idiot Update

UPDATED: 14:05 EASTERN The Chicago Tribune drops the bomb that Air Idiot’s chairman and chief spinner, Evan Cohen, and vice chairman/investor Rex Sorensen have quit, and the network failed to make payroll Wednesday for the remaining roughly 100 dumb bastards who drank the Kool-Aid and joined this post-iceberg Titanic of talk radio. Checks were issued […]

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