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I Love Staten Island, But….

It’s never good news when The Rock makes the main page at FARK: Meet Kyle Joseph Campbell. Just call him Original Kreeam Shabazz. Campbell of Mariners Harbor recently tried for a second time to change his name legally, a year after his first choice, Black Cream Allah, was denied by a judge on the grounds […]

The Alito Hearings

How is it Chucky Cheese and his Dem cohorts don’t realize that, except for the howling moonbat Kos/DU crew, anyone watching this farce must think they are performing like a pack of dumb boorish assholes? Alito seems a calm, thoughtful guy, who isn’t taking the bait they keep throwing in front of him to try […]

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An Insanely Stupid Move

This is strange. My father (and a few of my uncles) drove a bus for the city–it was sort of assumed I’d end up driving one, too–so my gut reaction is to back the drivers. Hell, I got the Castleton Depot (whose address Wikipedia has exactly wrong: it’s Castleton/Jewett, you dolts) sitting right down the […]

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