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Media Battlezone: “Everybody Ready? PIVOT!”

If you follow the news, it seems the implosion of the Obama administration’s foreign policy, and the growing anti-American hostilities in Muslim countries in North Africa, Pakistan, and across the Middle East has suddenly ceased, because last night, Mother Jones released something shiny:  During a private fundraiser earlier this year, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney […]

CHANGE! We (War Mongers) Can Believe In….

Obama’s DoD has potential WarPorn in the R&D pipeline that can chase unicorns over the rainbow… and Hellfire their asses: Roadside bombs have long represented the greatest killer of soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, but there’s hope beyond the sturdy little demolition bots that already work with their human handlers. The Pentagon now has two […]

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The Veil, Removed

There are plenty of people who were not duped by Teh Messiah’s rhetoric; refused to drink the media-dispensed Kool-Aid, and told any and everyone we were being sold a bill of goods that the country could never hope to pay off if this guy got his hands on the levers of political power. Moderates thought […]

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