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I’m Calling “DipShit!”

This might be the dumbest fuck ever offered up: Since the Terri Schindler-Schiavo matter, many of the so called conservative bloggers that HundredPercenter links to have, unfortunately, unmasked a naked disregard or milquetoast standing for Terri’s life. I consider Terri’s fight for life a seminal moment in American history. Regard my position on the matter […]

Billy’s First Blog Birthday

INDC Journal: Anniversary/Year in Pictures Attaboy, Bill! (Now get back to the moonbats!) +10

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Calling All Shrinks

With Kerry’s campaign seemingly teetering on the verge of a crater, the Moonbats at DU are, as summarized here, becoming increasingly desperate, if not insane. If Kerry gets trounced come November, there will be much work to be had for professional skull flushers. (via Bill at INDC Journal, Pajama Town’s best response to that “bloggers […]

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