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CPAC’s Aftermath: Moonbats, Wingnuts, and Shouting In The Dark

The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) was featured  across the political media landscape the past few days, with the Make Believe Media and sundry moonbat, wingnut, and “moderate” blogs and web sites offering blow-by-blow accounts of the various speeches, panels, and general shenanigans surrounding the event, mostly duly noted at Memeorandum. (I say “mostly” because, no matter […]

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More Fingerboard Follies

I love it: they flat-out blew the coverage on a local story, and then complain the story’s subsequent twists and turns has made their heads hurt, as they do in today’s lead editorial: What’s going on here? As journalists working at the news-gathering hub of Staten Island, we like to think we understand every story […]

Mr. Wolfe, You Are SUCH a Nancy Boy

Okay, I understand you needed a lead-in for your piece on Hunter, but fer chrissakes: When I finally met Mr. King, he was in Miami playing, along with Amy Tan, in a jook-house band called the Remainders. Look, you prissy twit, the word is JUKE. Drop the Oxford snotty shit, you fucking git. And it […]

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