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Another of Nancy’s Little Nuggets is Unearthed

Nancy Pelosi wasn’t kidding when she said, “we have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it.” Since uttering that sentence, we have indeed learned about some of the things tucked away in that monstrosity. We are also being shown what the future likely holds for this national plan, by observing what is […]

Canadian Health Care KILLS

Let’s see if we can’t tally up the scandals in this story.  First, instead of rushing Pankow into surgery, doctors waited more than two weeks to decide whether he was “surgery worthy.”  Obviously, this was not a medical decision, as the Mayo Clinic didn’t take two weeks to make a medical decision on Pankow. Next, […]

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That’s Our Schmuckie!

Image by Amanda M Hatfield via Flickr Rules are for little people/”DON’T YOU KNOW WHO I AM?”: Sen. Chuck Schumer loves the sound of his own voice, but it carried a bit farther than he might have liked on the US Airways shuttle from New York to Washington on Sunday. According to a House Republican […]

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