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Dealing with A Press Gone Pyscho? Drinking Helps…

The rise of “we can fact check your ass” pixel slingers caused much consternation, vexation, and unchecked contempt among residents of the Fourth Estate. (sidenote: read that whole page from Instapundit’s archive; nothing ever changes, eh?) Long before then I’d given up trusting large chunks of what I’ve come to call the Make Believe Media (MBM), after watching them get too many things […]

More “Bring the Dumb” From the Fingerboard Follies

Our local fishwrap, The Staten Island Advance (or as I like call it: “The Retreat”) has been heading inexorably downhill since Les Trautmann passed away. I’ve been bangin’ away on them here for years, citing serious, serial sloppiness–sometimes to the point of abject stupidity–that is regularly found in the paper they publish. Whether it is some kid […]

A Casablanca Moment

I’m shocked, SHOCKED, I say! To think that these august members of the Fourth Estate would deign to lower themselves in the name of petty politics…. Oh, who am I kidding. You knew a pack of clowns like this would be involved. But it is interesting that there isn’t a broad in the mix. What, […]

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