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The MSM Act: Old, Tired and Busted, Again

The collection of scum that crawl under the rocks at fever swamps like Escheton, DU and Daily Kos, and morons like O-Dub’s Media Matters crew, are convinced the major media outlets are firmly under Rovian mind control. Their biggest gripe (“evidence,” if you’re moonbattily inclined) is that when reporting stories or holding talking head roundtables, […]

Air America Idiot Update

Back in some earlier installments I pointed out how, for a “progressive” network, the Idiots had no qualms about kicking minority programming off some of the stations–like NYC’s WLIB–they broadcast their mainly lily-white roster of hosts from (the only minority directed show they feature is Chuck D and whatshername, relegated to the late Sunday night […]

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Monkey Business in the Heartland

Where is that chimp champion Matthew Broderick when he’s needed? WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE! Three chimpanzees from Zoo Nebraska near Royal were shot and killed by the zoo director after the animals escaped their cage. Try telling me Frank J. wasn’t behind this…. He’s had it in for monkeys since his fever dreaming Jersey yoot. […]

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