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Today’s ‘WTF is the Matter With Europe?’ Moment

Why is this family smiling? They just received political asylum. From Germany. No, it isn’t 1933…. snip They applied to homeschool their children and were threatened with fines and jail and losing custody of their children. In response, in June 2008 they moved to Tennessee and applied for political asylum on the grounds of a […]

Europe on Fire: Fuck ‘Em, They Deserve to Burn

You made your bed, assholes. This has nothing to do with fucking cartoons. You bent over backwards when these lunatics flat out told you they wanted you dead. So maybe this bullshit will wake your asses up. It’s “us versus them” and if you don’t understand that fact, ask THEM. +1-1

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Why a Surprise?

Wolfowitz nomination a shock for Europe What? You thought W was fucking around when he said, “You’re with us, or else…” How many dumb commie-wop bitch reporters–oh, and newly freed from tyranny countries–is it gonna take for you stupid shits to get with the program? You morons are still playing chess and dancing with “the […]

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