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Yay, Puckheads!

I rag on Canada a lot because its government seems to be the most imbecilic example of run amok political correctness, an ungrateful collective bunch of bastards who lived under our defense umbrella and allowed their armed services to turn into a joke, but Capt. Ed points to an example that at least their Security […]

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Kerry & Vietnam, Sans Swift Boats

Captain Ed details an egregious example that Kerry’s opinion of what is going on in modern day Vietnam is just as clueless as his opinion of what we were fighting against when he made his vaunted Senate appearance in 1971. A telling touchstone to why Kerry’s camp doesn’t want to have anything to do with […]

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It Ain’t About Being Gay

If you knew anything about New Jersey politics, you’d heard the rumors for years. You also knew he was gonna get his head handed to him in the next election, if he wasn’t under indictment before then for all the corruption swirling around his tenure as Governor. Michael Goodwin: Don’t cry for Jim McGreevey. And […]

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