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How Long Can The Narrative Hold?

Glenn Reynolds (aka: Instapundit; “Blender of Puppies”; “Hunter of Hobos”, etc.) likes to talk about something called a preference cascade. Basically, it’s a point in time when people realize something they personally think, but do not publicly say, is a shared by many others, and this realization releases the previously unspoken, shared thought from the self-censorship jail into […]

An Inconvenient MSM Truth: You Morons No Longer Control the Narrative

There was a time when media outlets could kill blockbuster stories that threatened to upset their ‘conventional wisdom’ applecarts by simply ignoring them. The best recent example was Dan Rather’s use of fake documents to attempt to sway the 2004 Presidential election, though a case could easily be made that Matt Drudge, back in the […]

Gunga Danga Can’t Let Go

He still doesn’t get it, our man Dan. As Ace puts it, “It is perfect, delicious irony that Dan Rather, scourge of Dick Nixon, is now spending his winter years pacing around muttering to himself about dark conspiracies against him.” “There are some strange, and to me, still mysterious things, certainly unexplained things that happened […]

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