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Posts Tagged "Cindy Sheehan"

The Alito Hearings

How is it Chucky Cheese and his Dem cohorts don’t realize that, except for the howling moonbat Kos/DU crew, anyone watching this farce must think they are performing like a pack of dumb boorish assholes? Alito seems a calm, thoughtful guy, who isn’t taking the bait they keep throwing in front of him to try […]

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Capt. Tammy Strikes Again

Beat the bitch with a switch: Beautiful Atrocities: CINDY SHEEHAN: I’M STILL HERE, DAMMIT! +10

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This is Just Sad

Cindy Sheehan, the Iraq war critic whose campsite along a Crawford roadside drew opponents and supporters by the hundreds in August, will try to recapture the public’s attention and plans to break new local laws she inspired when she returns next week for Thanksgiving…. The “civil disobedience” event is just the first of a series […]

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