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Air America Idiot Update

Pick a hackneyed headline:The Plot Thickens (Evil Glenn’s) or The Ditch Deepens (Me) As Air Idiot’s ever-shifting story currently stands, Evan "Fall Guy" Cohen is the man Franken & Friends would have you believe was the sole perp in this "Coming Soon to a Courtroom Near You!" (well, if you live in NYC, at least) […]

Down Goes Lampley!

National Review’s Byron York is smacking newly discovered moonbat Jim Lampley like a tennis ball against a brick wall over at Zsa-Zsa’s Egotistical Idiot’s Parlor. It’s a good thing they don’t allow comments over there, or Lampley might already be in therapy for being dumb enough to try his hand at political blogging without even […]

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Air America Idiot Update

UMBRAGE! Byron York is ripping me off. I look at my log files, you yuppie piker. I’ve caught your NRO JonahG “Star Trek pedophile” server sniffing me out…. “Hot Lesbian Monkey Porn” is no way to go through life, son, even if you add “+Franken+Arbitron.” 0-1

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