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Cheney by TKO

I don’t like this whole episode being presented by the media as a “debate,” or any other such non-sensensical nomenclature. Cheney’s speech at the AEI was scheduled weeks ago. No, the reason The One decided he needed to give his speech on this day, and at that time, was pure campaign-mode strategery, similar to his […]

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Da BlogMama on Teh Messiah’s Mad Diplo Skillz [Updated]

For some reason, she’s in England, yet she’s smarter than the entirety of The One’s cadre: According to a person close to the situation, Obama hasn’t yet appointed a chief of protocol and his staffers, still unpacking, didn’t realize that the State Department has an entire office dedicated to foreign visits. Jesus on the river, […]

Leftynact-“Night of the Missing Moonbats”

It all began with whispers of a conspiracy on the far-left edge of the blogosphere weeks ago and has since blossomed into a full-fledged panic among many of those from the “Reality Based Community” “Our worst fears have finally been realized! They’ve started rounding us up! I knew this was coming! I knew it!” screamed […]

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