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My Name is Lynch, and I will Gladly Beat the Shit Out of Both of These Bastards

Now here’s an ugly bit of business….. Do either of you little douchebag assholes even understand that no one outside of politics junkiedom with a ‘net connection knows who you are? And how long it would take to take you down? I could hop on a train, waste you, and be home before anyhoney knew […]

Axis of Assholes

Another reason to hate these numbnuts: Kraut bastards spit on Armstrong and SurrenderMonkeys do Jack Shit about it. +10

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It Ain’t Our Fault After All

Well, this certainly seems to squash that whole “Greedy corporations led by America’s imperial capitalist running dogs are causing global warming” theory: FuturePundit: Sun Energy Output At Over 1,000 Year Peak So how long do we have to wait for all the environuts and anti-industry types, who used junk science to say it was us […]

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