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Archive for the "War on Terror" Category

Busted Rhetoric “Explains” the Brothers Tsarnaev

As more information about the brothers–and their parents–has emerged, various pundits continue trying to explain away anti-Western, militant Islam’s role in forming the Brothers Tsarnaev’s murderous mindset. That piece of the puzzle doesn’t suit their purpose when they play the Blame Game. They have a need for something else, something deeper, in their never-ending attempt to […]

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It IS about Islam, Whether You Like It or Not

Each night after the Trade Center’s towers fell,  I’d look out my bedroom window at the smoking glow coming from Ground Zero. After watching it for days on end, with one ear tuned to the non-stop media streams, I started writing what became a torrent of retributionist fury, BURN THEM DOWN TO THE GROUND. Included in my “them” were… […]

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Dealing with A Press Gone Pyscho? Drinking Helps…

The rise of “we can fact check your ass” pixel slingers caused much consternation, vexation, and unchecked contempt among residents of the Fourth Estate. (sidenote: read that whole page from Instapundit’s archive; nothing ever changes, eh?) Long before then I’d given up trusting large chunks of what I’ve come to call the Make Believe Media (MBM), after watching them get too many things […]

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