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Archive for the "Transit Strike (retired)" Category

Transit Strike Aftermath – Tear Down the MTA

NY Daily News – Michael Goodwin: Union walks, MTA balks & we all pay As the Daily News reported yesterday, one of the great betrayals of the public trust is playing out in secret. Despite a public backlash against the union for paralyzing the city during Christmas week, and despite winning every step of the […]

Transit Strike Aftermath – Fire Kalikow NOW

I’m too pissed off to even begin to figure out who should be the featured actor in this snuff film. New York Daily News Editorials: The MTA plays three-card monte The governor’s aides said yesterday that Pataki was absolutely, unequivocally unaware that Kalikow had agreed to a pension giveaway that will enrich as many as […]

Transit Strike Aftermath – MTA Caves

The Cat Is Now Out of The Bag If Pataki doesn’t shoot this bullshit deal down, he deserves an epically violent public flogging…. I’m talking something that makes what went down in Mel’s “Passion” look like a walk in the park. “The Park” being Central or Prospect during the Dinkins days. +2-1

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