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Hey Obamabots, Tapper’s “Leak” Is Meaningless

A lot of the usual suspects are grabbing onto Jake Tapper’s Memeorandum topping report, “CNN exclusive: White House email contradicts Benghazi leaks.” They are all pointing to one paragraph as proof of… something: Whoever provided those accounts seemingly invented the notion that Rhodes wanted the concerns of the State Department specifically addressed. While Nuland, particularly, had expressed a desire […]

The PC Pyre Grows Higher as Howie Kurtz Gets Fired

I don’t care where some b-ball bench jockey sticks his dick. I also don’t care about Howie Kurtz. I long ago marked him as a dope. I watch Howie’s CNN show each week to keep my “throw shit at the TV” rhythm in sync. But what Tina Brown did to him is bullshit. You should not be […]

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Media Battlezone: The Forlorn Hope*

Forget the polls, forget the commercials; at this point, it’s likely neither will matter. Now it is down to two simple things: the candidates’ ground games, and the Make Believe Media (MBM). The MBM is heavily invested in dragging the Unicorn King across the finish line. And they are starting to panic. If you tune […]

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