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Archive for the "Obamabots" Category

Democrat Party Needs to Pay for O-Care Disaster

But can the Stupid Party collect the Democrat Party’s vig? So “Light Bulb” Upton’s “Keep Your Health Plan Act” passed in the House. A silly endeavor, since the Unicorn King has already announced he’ll veto if it manages to make it to his desk, which Dingy Harry will never allow. Same with the electorally-panicked Sen. Landrieu’s pending bill. (FWIW, […]

Air Idiot Didn’t Die; It’s Living on MSNBC’s Dime

I probably should have made the correlation between Air America and MSNBC sooner, but it wasn’t until recently that MSNBC went so loudly and proudly hard to the Left that it became obvious they had dusted off the old Air America Idiot playbook and taken it out for another whirl. And Rachel Maddow, of course. Let’s get this […]

Scandal-mania: The System is the Smoking Gun

Beyond “Fast and Furious,” the disastrous Benghazi fiasco, and the NSA/DHS snooping scandal currently engulfing DC, identifying who unleashed the IRS wolf pack on Tea Party groups and finding who set the EPA’s policy concerning FOIA fees is vitally important. Finding the “smoking guns” in either scandal isn’t the real problem, though. Even if the perps in […]

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