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The Hiatus is Over


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Umm… how about “No”?

So I get this email: “You were writing again. Then you stopped. What gives?” TC gives. I’m fuckin tired of talking to the wall. If I’m flapping my gums ina vacuum, well, I got me a BootzDog that handles that. Nobody fucking comments, so i’m just barkin in the wind. Well, fuck me, I ain’t completely stupid. […]

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Time to Stop Hiding, Mount Up, and Re-Join the Blogwars

While I’ve been having a fair time (especially sans the “SI Politics” group, which hides itself for damn good reason; they’re 78% Asshole) in the Zuckerverse, it’s time for me to get back home…. I’ve been tinkering with, tweaking, and generally futzing with the LeatherPenguin Collective. The work’s not close to completed (most of it’s […]

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