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Archive for "Nov 19 2013"

Democrat Party Needs to Pay for O-Care Disaster

But can the Stupid Party collect the Democrat Party’s vig?

So “Light Bulb” Upton’s “Keep Your Health Plan Act” passed in the House. A silly endeavor, since the Unicorn King has already announced he’ll veto if it manages to make it to his desk, which Dingy Harry will never allow. Same with the electorally-panicked Sen. Landrieu’s pending bill. (FWIW, see Ace’s piece comparing the two.) Neither has a chance of making it to the Unicorn King’s desk.

It’s become ‘Reality TV’ at this point, the way these folks do the people’s business. The only difference is the paparazzi sell their product to CSPAN and NBC instead of TMZ.

At least Upton and Landrieu are trying to “fix” this catastrophic piece of political chicanery masquerading as policy through the legislative process. The Unicorn King, as is his wont, is attempting to “fix” his nightmare domestic agenda’s legacy via imperial decree.

By “decree,” I mean bat-shit insanity.

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