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Rats? Too Late to Run; ‘HopeyChange’ Express Hurtles Off the Cliff

ObamaJoker 1_0Yesterday, the ineffably brutal Stacy McCain wrote, “Historians should mark this day on their calendars as the point at which the failure became obviously irretrievable,” and listed a trio of brutal headlines and various Tweets regarding the catastrophe that is Obamacare.

His feckless mendacity has finally reached a point where even his fellow Democrats (and Praetorian Guard in the Make Believe Media (MBM)), can no longer ignore it. Unfortunately for vulnerable members of the Democrat Party’s Senate cohort, at this point, it’s too late for them to do anything in a desperate attempt to stay in their myriad constituents’ good grace. Many of the rats are ready to jump ship, not only to save their own skins, but because they know they can’t trust anything this White House says regarding anything.

Welcome to the party, rubes!


After getting elected, a President has one central task: enacting domestic and foreign policies that will move America forward in both prosperity and security. Barack Obama has failed miserably on both accounts. While we’re watching his signature domestic policy implode right before our eyes, it’s not the only part of his domestic agenda that has blown up in his face.

Though Obama and Harry Reid were the actual culprits that enacted it, the government “shutdown” was used as a bludgeon against the GOP and its Tea Party “crazies.” It was to be a lynchpin of their 2014 midterm campaign strategy. That narrative is no longer operative, since members of his own Democrat Party are now clamoring to do exactly what those “terrorists” were calling for. (Indeed, the “Top Men” of the Stupid Party should all prostrate themselves at the feet of Senators Cruz, Lee, Paul, and the members of the Republican House caucus who fought the good fight and were vilified by their own Party’s “leadership” for their efforts.)

The 24/7 news cycle has knocked it off the radar, but the IRS scandal waits its turn to return to the front pages. The impeachment of Eric Holder is gathering steam, waiting for its turn to come to the national stage. That will bring “Fast and Furious,” the DOJ’s unprecedented surveillance of members of the media, and Holder’s general disregard for upholding laws that didn’t jibe with the President’s agenda to the fore.

And of course, there is the continuing unraveling of what–exactly–actually happened regarding the attack of our consulate in Benghazi. We know the “spontaneous reaction to a YouTube video” story was complete bullshit. Cracking the nut that is the White House and State Department’s stonewalling of the events preceding, during and following the attack has been a hard task, but the investigation is still proceeding, and sooner or later Hillary! Clinton and the Unicorn King are gonna have to come clean.

On the foreign policy front the Obama administration policies have been a bigger disaster than could have ever been imagined, beginning with Hillary!’s “reset button” beclowning straight through to John Francois Kerry’s Iranian gambit drawing his own party’s fury. Our “allies” no longer trust us, and our enemies have no fear of us. They’ve both taken the measure of the Unicorn King and hold him in contempt.

This isn’t even a complete list! Still, enjoy it, Democrat Party, cuz you bastards own this; lock stock and barrel, every last bit of it.

You can’t lay any of this at the Stupid Party’s feet.


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