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Insanity Reigns as Obamacare Goes Down in Flames

English: President Barack Obama's signature on...

The Abject Messiah has been proven a liar. Members of the Unicorn King’s court are spinning furiously–to the point of insanity–desperate to deflect the truth of what an unmitigated disaster his signature “accomplishment” is becoming, and the damage it doing to both himself and their agenda.

Watching the rolling train wreck of Obamacare barreling down the tracks has become a macabre spectacle, akin to watching recess at the nuthouse with the loons wandering loose in the yard. The insanity has ranged from “Your old plan sucked” to Juicebox Mafia capo Ezra Klein peddling tendentious nonsense as a sign of Obamacare’s “success”:

The White House’s biggest frustration right now is that Obamacare’s technical failures are obscuring its great success: Premiums are much lower than the Congressional Budget Office estimated when the law first passed.

In a new report for the liberal Center for American Progress, Topher Spiro and Jonathan Gruber quantify exactly how much lower. Spiro and Gruber find that the average individual premium in the Affordable Care Act’s insurance marketplaces was projected to be $4,700 in 2014. In fact, it’s more like $3,936 — $764, or 16 percent, lower than expected.

That’s a big deal in terms of cheaper premiums, but it’s also a big deal in terms of the budget: If the savings hold, the Affordable Care Act will cost $190 billion less than the CBO estimated over the next decade.

Breitbart’s John Nolte made short work of Lesser Ezra’s malarkey:

…the idea that Klein or anyone can call already declare the cost of premiums a success when, from what we know, fewer than 50,000 people have enrolled, just makes no sense. We have no real-life data. We have no idea how many people will ultimately enroll, and we most certainly have no idea how many young and healthy people will enroll — which is going to make all the difference in pricing, especially in 2015.

CAP also makes the claim that ObamaCare will reduce the deficit, and that this wild success at keeping premium costs down will only further reduce the deficit. Apparently, both Klein and CAP missed the February Government Accountability Office (GAO)  report that shows ObamaCare is projected to add $6.2 trillion to the long-term deficit.

Now take another look at Klein’s first paragraph. Notice how this left-wing study doesn’t compare the price people are paying now to what they will pay under ObamaCare. Instead, it compares prices to an “estimated” cost — or what one might call a made up number that has nothing to do with what anyone in the real world is currently paying.

From the beginning PR push straight through to his re-elect campaign, the Unicorn King kept saying, “If you like your plan, you can keep it.” Well, now we know that the statement was complete bullshit, and they knew it was bullshit.

Since it was rammed down America’s throat on a purely partisan basis, the Democrat Party owns it, and they need to be made to pay.



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