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Stupid Party (Again) Misplaying Golden Opportunity

So the morning brings news that the Speaker of the House, Rep. Blubbering Oompa Loompa, and his Top Men  in the Stupid Party’s hierarchy, have decided to acquiesce to the demands of the Visigoths and put forward a… well, I don’t know what to call this thing.

Via Gabe at Ace’s Place:

The short version of the leadership’s plans: the House will pass a CR that defunds Obamacare and send it to the Senate to see if Senate GOP can make it stick. The House, anticipating that Senate Dems will strip out Obamacare defunding, will also pass a 1-year debt ceiling increase in exchange for an Obamacare delay until 2015, some tax and budget reforms, and the Keystone pipeline.

The longer version notes that this is essentially a challenge to Senate conservatives to put their money where their mouths are. They’ve been slamming House GOP members as, among other things, part of “the surrender caucus.”

These guys in the Stupid Party’s “leadership” have no intention of ‘defunding’ Obamacare, and everybody knows it. Gabe’s fellow CoB Moron DrewM makes a good case for the defunding gambit, but I think it’s the wrong way for the Stupid Party to play this game. DrewM wrote:

We can’t make this about numbers or abstract constructs. We aren’t doing this to get back at Obama, we don’t care about him. We aren’t against him or ObamaCare we a[re] for Americans who have made it clear they don’t want this law and this plan. This is what the GOP was sent to DC to do. You’re welcome America.

The challenge in a fight like this is there are hundreds of GOP voices and some will be saying stupid things. The media will find them and highlight them. Meanwhile the administration will speak with more or less one voice and the media will cover up when they go off script.

He’s right; 100% correct. No matter the facts, the Make Believe Media (MBM) will attack the Stupid Party. Everyone knows this….

And that is why what the Stupid Party is doing is wrong.

The plan Blubbering Oompa Loompa and his cabal is putting forward is aimed at one thing: passing the buck to Senate GOP ‘renegades’. Then they can claim their hands are clean when the shit hits the fan. They don’t give a damn about their base, as the Unicorn King couldn’t care about the Democrat’s base. They’re all looking at 2014, and the assured MBM beatdowns the Stupid Party will receive if they don’t cave to the Unicorn King’s demands:

Liberal opinion writers who feel duty-bound to defend President Obama’s signature health-care reform law have been quite creative in trying to blame the GOP for the flaws in what was a law passed by Democrats against bipartisan and public opposition. The most recent narrative, that Republicans are “sabotaging” the law, is quite clearly nonsensical. But they are opinion writers, so we can understand their efforts to spin the policy failure.

Yet there is really no excuse for supposedly impartial reporters to not only infuse their news writing with such silliness but even openly rant about it as a prelude to the facts. That, however, is exactly what USA Today does when reporting on the latest USA Today/Pew Research poll on ObamaCare. The poll finds that–surprise!–the unpopular law is still unpopular. And in fact there’s some news in this one: only 49 percent of theuninsured approve of it, with 46 percent disapproving. That means the targets of the law’s new entitlement structure are pretty evenly divided on whether they even want what the government is offering.

So what’s one to do? Easy Peasy:

Make the Dems own it. Lock, stock, barrel, and every goddamn piece of it.

No waivers; January 1st, everybody gets hit, exactly as the law is written. All the previously announced delays at implementation of various facets of the law for various interest groups–especially Congress itself–must be rescinded, or the Obamacare funding is automatically suspended.

Send that to Harry Reid and the Unicorn King and you win, GOP Stupid Party.





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