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LP Morning: Answering the Burning Questions of the Day

So this morning I get this e-mail, from [REDACTED], asking me whether I am:

  • A) Dumb
  • B) Stupid
  • C) Clueless
  • D) Drunk

“All of the Above?” was my reply. The weekend is kinda hazy; there was massive grilling, and booze; then Saturday kicked in and the Yankees showed all their flaws and I came thisclose to rooting for the Feckless Fenway Fuckwits to just put the Bombers out of their misery….

And now it’s today. And my idiot assmonkey earnest friend informs me of what I guess he thinks is UMBRAGE2!!!

It seems somebody (or some thing) has hammered the crap out of the ‘down thumb’ doohickey on a few of my posts, and someone who has too much time on his hands noticed. And brought this fact to my attention….

Why? No idea. I barely give that kinda shit lip service, but my brain damaged buddy earnest compadre thought I needed to know. I stuck the “Thumbed Up Love” thing in the left sidebar just because the plugin offered the option, but beyond that… so what? When have I ever shown I give a damn what people think of my scribblings?

But it was interesting to note which posts got hit with the hammer:

Does that make any sense, kicking those posts in the ass? I can’t see it. Christ Almighty, those are two where I was fucking tame. How did they draw such vitriol?

I’m blaming @rsmccain. Because, SHADDUP.


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